HVAC Products



HVAC Products:

The area of noise and vibration control in HVAC applications has been our specialty. A large percentage of our product offerings as well as our custom noise enclosures has been related to air handling, cooling towers, and chillers. We offer products for just about any HVAC application including seismic restraint systems. We can design a complete vibration isolation system as well as a noise reduction system for your project. We can also engineer a complete seismic restraint system with P.E. sealed drawings and calculations. Dynamic FEA is another service we can provide for large piping systems. We offer noise surveys as well as vibration analysis on rotating equipment. For all of your noise and vibration control needs, contact us before you make your final decision.

On the following pages you will find a broad overview of our products. Should your needs call for a more engineered approach, you can contact us for a discussion. We will be glad to look over your problem and generate a history section. This will give some insight into our vast capabilities, shore up your confidence in our past record, and more importantly, allow us to develop a relationship that will reduce the level of noise and/or vibration to an agreed on level that will be measurable. This approach not only says we are confident in what we do but also allows the industrial end user to not be put into a position of having to spend his or her company's money by guessing if a vendor/contractor is going to be successful. We have used this method of solving noise and vibration problems for nearly 20 years and have not had one single customer that was unhappy.

Let us solve your noise and vibration problem. Give us a call or contact us by e-mail.

Vibration Control Products Noise Control Products
Vibration Isolation:

  • Steel equipment frames

  • Inertia bases

  • Custom designed equipment support systems

  • Spring hangers

  • Spring floor mounts

  • Rubber-n-shear hangers

  • Rubber-n-shear floor mounts

  • Neoprene pads (all configurations and durometers)

  • Restrained spring mounts

  • Housed spring mounts

  • Flexible pipe connectors

Noise Control:
  • Custom designed noise enclosures

  • Custom designed air handling systems

  • Duct silencers (galvanized and stainless)

  • Duct wrapping

  • Decoupling foams

  • High mass composites wraps

Seismic Systems

  • Complete project quotation

  • Complete hardware and cable systems

  • Engineered drawings and calculations

  • Field installation supervision

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